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Motel 540 is on a mission to recycle, save water, reduce electricity, use earth friendly chemicals and find new ways to green our operations. Be part of a greener tomorrow with us.

In a Nutshell

A lot of the commitments and actions we do are not seen by our customers, however here is one of the things we're proud to be doing:

  •  Every year we sponsor a local or national environmental organisation or project.


  • To develop a green culture so we are all actively involved in supporting and improving our green practices
  • Providing training and resources so our team meets and improves our environmental performance
  • Incorporate our environmental commitments into our business decisions, such as who we partner with
  • Comply with environmental legislation, plans and policies
  • Increase our recycling and reuse and decrease our energy, water and waste
  • Encourage our customers to become involved with our environmental practices


  • Annual review and updating of our environmental policy and actions
  • Six monthly meetings with our Hotel Management, HR and Property Management teams to develop and update our environmental training and practices
  • An annual green review of our business practices and partnerships
  • Bi annual review to ensure compliance with legislation, plans and policies
  • Ongoing reviews of our practices around recycling, energy, water and waste reduction
  • Developing initiatives that allow customers to become involved with our environmental efforts